Has anyone ever taught us to be human?

What I got: sums, spelling, how to do what I'm told but anyone ever talk to you about the amazing connection to your own humanity, love (without sacrifice), amazing love making, boundaries, emotional maturity and how to be with yourself and others in the most honest way?

How to look after the body? How to move it, not just beefcake and push but connect, move naturally, dance? And if you're a woman probably not much about your anatomy other than don't get pregnant and have a hot water bottle for period pain. Nothing about pleasure, your orgasmic nature, where to find your power etc. How to use your cycles for greater impact, how you don't have to have pain, that's a symptom of things going on in the body.

Did you get taught about those things that make you feel AWE and WONDER? No?

I adore providing space for humans to enquire within, within (totally not a typo). Join me for a journey of unpacking what it is to be a human and we'll learn something and grow together, in a session, workshop or online course.

I'm a big fan of women rising, being one myself... it's close to my heart that I know myself fully and others get to know too. However I'm also a big fan of men joining on the journey and rising in powerful masculinity alongside us rather than feeling squashed or pushed out of the picture. We're in this together.

So what's on offer? 

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Let yourself off the hook

and feel as free as this lady on her bike, and see where in your life you can let go of any unnecessary stress, goodness knows we have enough of that already.

Brain Tidy Coaching

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Something about having a good tidy and being able to see things for what they are can really help. Book a 30 min session, grab a cuppa and get it all out, get your head clear and get on with it. 



Whether its meditation or one of our workshops, you are guaranteed a safe compassionate space to discover you and your body more.

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This was a project that changed my life. Fancy giving it a go yourself follow the links below or click the picture to visit the blog that will give you all the tips and how to's to finally stop sucking at relationships.

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Put your ear down to your soul and listen hard
— Anne Sexton

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